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The Anidra Academy teaching body

Authorized and supervised by the Scientific Committee, Anidra Academy’s teachers can teach at the official centroAnidra venue, in other forums and associations recognized by the Anidra Academy, as well as in independent courses, workshops and seminars held in their city of residence.
With the permission of the Anidra Academy’s Scientific Committee, teachers may issue certificates of attendance to their courses, workshops and seminars, which are held valid for the achievement of the total sum of training hours needed to obtain certificates as a professional Holistic Counsellor, a Wellness practitioner and Anidra Academy Specializations, as well as for the achievement of the total sum of the ECP yearly hours required as a personal retraining.

Anidra Academy’s courses are certified at a national level.
For more information on its certifications click here and feel free to contact us if you are interested in an English version.